Jan and Conny (English)

I have been listening to the woman in this picture for a long time. She is Jan McLaughlin and she has been reading the entire book Lady Chatterley's lover to me. Especially for me so it seemed. I took her voice with me in my cellphone with mp3-player and listened to her telling me the story of Constance Chatterley and her lover. Twenty hours long, between May 2005 and now I have been listening to her voice. From the first sentence "D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's lover, Chapter One, Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically" I was captured by the tone of her voice, her accent (Scottish I guess by her surname), the slow speaking voice, sometimes a bit dragging but never boring. A nice voice with subtle nuances. I had tried reading the book once and laid it aside. She won me for it.

I followed the tragic adventures of Conny and her lover, hoping that in the end they would find eachother like in a romantic novel for girls. But alas, this is literature and in literature these hopes are vain. I enjoyed hearing Jan talk about sex, with such a decent voice a woman of about my age spoke about cocks and tails and women's arses. "It's the nicest woman's arse as is."

Too bad it's all over now, but Jan has already asked me what to read next so I hope she will continue. I don't know what to choose. There are a lot of classics I have already read, and I would like to uncover a new gem. And ofcourse it is best to let Jan decide for herself. It must be a book she wants to read for another twenty hours. But I would like it if again it had some sex in it.

This post is in English so that Jan can read it.
Dit artikel is in het Engels zodat Jan het kan lezen.


Faux Press zei…
Thanks, Fedde, for the kind words and link-love. Will contemplate what to read next. Do consider helping me find something compelling to read! And yes, it was because of your emails and comments that I kept going. Thanks most of all for that.
Anoniem zei…
your blog is loading slowly
I don't have any trouble with slow loading pages in my blog. Maybe you should empty your cache?

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